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opped the phone on the bed as Tom forced two fingers in the ass big dick while her pussy continued to occupy "" Oh, hell, I find it hard to ask Tom to his great love for his cock in me "and then moved to its disappointment, but then went on about them and their legs spread, and now with Annie in the back and pulled his legs over his shoulders to let him work his cock deeper than ever in her pussy was so wet now, "Oh God, " exclaimed Annie believes it is how it will come to my god damn throat is so well preservedTom fuck me hard, I love you " are a very dirty bitch Annie sent you," said Tom, who went deeper into it, maimed her beautiful 36 C Cup tits and began biting her nipples "oh, that's so good, "said Annie, while sctratched on his back while he tubestack fucked her then Tom said:" A friend of mine is waiting for the ring, and if you ask politely to join us! " "Oh no," said Annie, but tom slap her face and pulled out his phone and pressed the speed dial button and gave it to Annie, "his name is Clive" he tubestack said, " and make sure you say you want your cock and ask him to come and help me to tubestack treat you like the whore that want to be " Annie put your phone to your ear, and suddenly a voice said " Hi Clive here is that Annie "," Yes " exclaimed Annie? as her legs wrapped around Tom 's shoulders shook and felt Tom 's body slamming against his " Clive Please come and take me to Tom, please, please come and treat me like the whore and my husband thinks tom I am! "" Ok you little biTCH I wil be very soon "and the phone went dead Annie dropped the phone on the bed and said," how tubestack do you know where we are? "Tom" and how it is in itself? "Tom laughed and said :" I was waiting around the corner andi left the door on the latch for him, suddenly broke into tom pussy full of semen Annies stood then and as he did, he left and told her: " Now bitch on your hands and knees and suck this dick and I want Clive before seeing " Annie knelt before Tom, and opened her mouth nice and all he could and filled with sticky Tom drips Annie Hahn heard some onecoming drowned the stairs behind her, Tom said : "Robert, this is heard in Clive, join us " Annie Roberts heard a voice from a distance "in Tom Go give it a good dust Clive used really scare "Tom laughed and said," Oh, yes, Robert, but will soon be enjoying like a dirty dog "Annie could not belIEVE mouth condemnation of this man speak with her husband in tubestack his work on his tubestack hands, and suddenly he was in the back and another voice said, " Oh, Tom better tell me where you think I should put this cock is " Annie hears her husband on the phone, laughing as he laughed too, and Tom said: "Clive, that monster must go right in the ass, she loves cock until that whore Annie Litle he smiled almost tom, but then their eyes? almost tripped heard in his head, as the new man behind his huge cock pushed against her ass bud soon after in a drawer, opened it and as he did Tom out of his mouth and shouted and screamed when Annie dick largest they had ever seen, made ​​his way into her tight hole, " Oh my God, my God," exclaimed Annie forced the tears as the man behind him tubestack to move to the ass
Quotes fucking, seemed to be simpler, and more Annie had her ass has never been fully in place ", which means that I no longer suffered from dirtyyou bitch, "said Clive behind her, but Annie fought through his tears, " no no no stop, but please God it hurts you arent so great ? "" Oh, yes, "said Clive, " now you can have the rest of it " and pushed more cock in the ass Annie must have happened if only for a moment and when Clive came the other lay on his back the bed and was as black as the ace of spades, easily lifted his body and then slide down so that his lips were against his big cock and then forced to land and their own bodies and Annie shouted, " Oh Jesus, it's wonderful that 's wonderful, " he said, had been almost forgotten about Tom, but then she felt him behind and pushed him forward and open their ass cheeks and pushed his cock in the ass to tubestack make sure they are in all I could feel, as the two rubbinn thro the thin membrane of skin that separated her two holes called Annie listens to her husband on the phone "Robert is wonderful Oh Oh I feel so damn dirty dirty bitch I have two big cocks in me thanks to my dear i love it! " A little voice said " this is good lover that you like, you'll clean up later. For the next two hours Tom and Clive fucked in every way possible Anie at some point realized that the curtains were open in the bedroom, but do not worry about it, there was no one to see through it Clive kissed and bit her Carrese took himself and his fist berfore finally decide they no longer, but left with the words that would do it again soon! Annie was exhausted on the bed and fell asleep while watching the clock woke up and tubestack realized that the lunch hour by two men who had taken his own bed all the morning passed, and saw that they were felt stiff and bruised, tubestack down but he was wonderfully happy he decided to go upstairs and clean as it was before it tubestack all started when he comes down the stairs with her ​​dress in sHe entered the kitchen and gasped as he saw the old William street sat in the kitchen ", as it has in you and what does William", he asked his neighbor of 80 years, then saw all the Kitchee and saw pictures of himself in various positions first and then fucked by tom for the two of them, Annie said, "Oh, my God, how can this" William laughed and said, "Well, Robert told me that it is possible going to have a good time and he knows how much I love photography and I just got a new professional digital camera, so I was hoping I could get good pictures Somm you and oh boy, I have a few pictures. " What do you do with them? "Annie said breathlessly :" Well, "said William, that rather depends on you I could show all the neighbors and friends or you can come here and suck old cock I've always thought that a woman sexy, but iu not realize what a dirty bastard tubestack who were until this morning "He has no zipper and pulled his tail, which despite its age is still a good size and very hard, "Look bitch small, which has made me " Annie was kneeling in front of this old man and gently began to suck dick realized that I enjoyed it and wondered how he had stopped going, but also how much they enjoyed sex objset.


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Last year I wrote three stories from my tubestack beautiful blonde wife Annie and can stiil here by searching for Annie after reading that Charles wants and you will see pictures of her, then feel free to contact me to find. In any case, in this story. Robert went to work and Annie was downstairs in the kitchen, cleaning up the breakfast things before going to the shower when he heard a key in the door, oh something Roberts thought to herself, or perhaps you have forgotten Randy feel and want a shit in the morning it would be good thought ! Then, when he became surprised to see that it is robert comes through the door, but the taxi driver who had brought home a couple of nights ago, after being below him cock up her ass Robert had placed tight with him. "Oh, my God, what are you doing here ? " Annie exclaimed, " What is done little bitch tubestack I've come to the shit motherfucker, after the nice ass the other nightI've been dreaming about this ! "" Oh no, you can not, "said Annie," Robert would not like in this house, "" Do not be stupid little bitch who gave me his opinion, the key to get to the front Dörr here and kiss me and let me let me see that sexy body right, " no doubt that Annie was the best man Shehad ever seen, but it felt so hot that came to him for tubestack allowing the tape to break his little coat, as he looked up and said " oh yeah even better than I remember, "then kissed her tongue making its way into her mouth Annie knew that it was the same as the other night and had the idea became more excited, she realized she did not even know your name tubestack therefore separated from his rough kiss and asked what was his name, and he luaghed sad " Im Tom and ready for a good fuck lets go to his bedroom, " Annie took her hand and led him down the stairs when she got into the bedroom, the bed was the UN-style of the nightThe dream he had with Robert, who had almost to this man who knew he wanted to fuck hard, but do not have the opportunity to apologize, Tom pushed hard on the bed and said, " I opened my legs look like your bitch pussy and ass, " Annie took, as has been said of him, and felt her dress tom withdraws from her, and she was completely naked, face down on the bed, as Tom passed the phone to her and said:" Well, he Dail robert me! damn you want to hear "Annie opened her mouth tubestack and said," Oh, no, I do not, "he shouted suddenly, as Tom hit hard on bare ass cheek and said, " what you say, bitch "Annie felt tears in his tubestack eyes, but dialed the number, as he said, and quickly replied Robert and Annie said, " you know what is happening " on the phone laughed and replied: " Yes I hope my darlign I like that he went about it was how big his cock in the ass, I thought you should have in your pussy ! "They just enjoy what you are leaving a dirty bitchand the phone to hear what you are my little darling, asked, " Tom gasped Annie pushed big cock rock hard cock deep in her pussy and told Hee Robert on the phone" You know, like a tubestack dirty dick what a bitch I have, right? "Robert said, " oh, it gets Slutt just going to enjoy everything this morning, they sent "" Yes, Oh yes, " said Tom, when she started spending more shit then dr